What people say:

I’ve purchased a few suits now in my life, whether it was a Hugo Boss, a Tiger of Sweden, or your run of the mill Moore’s/Simons brand. I have to say I absolutely would recommend Suits by Curtis Eliot above them all. Not only do you get a suit made to measure, you get a one of a kind piece for a very reasonable price. Instead of spending hours at a store trying to pick out a design and then another half an hour getting fitted + alterations, you can spend under an hour at the Suits by Curtis Eliot shop getting exactly what you want and fitted properly.

Not to mention when I’m out on the town, I always get more reactions wearing my Curits Eliot suit than anything else in my wardrobe.

Top Notch!

Emmet Adriaans

After being a shopper at Henry Singer and Holt Renfrew for several of years to finally have a tailor who can create custom high end pieces at a reasonable price is so welcome. Thank you Suits By Curtis Elliot.

Dave Ozubko